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Bridging Japan and the Global Market: Ydeps

The global market is abundant with possibilities; however, because of its boundless nature, lays uncertainty and a lack of understanding.

Nonetheless, we believe that Japanese industries and companies that have been nurtured in a unique and particular environment have much potential to penetrate and thrive in the global market.

Even though, making one’s way through to the overseas market was a privilege to those well-heeled corporations, today, smaller companies have become more active in finding their clientele in markets abroad.

Despite the belief that you must succeed domestically before becoming global, one must understand that what is commonly understood and practiced in Japan, is oftentimes different from that of other countries and cultures.

Therefore, what may be accepted in Japan may not be accepted in like manner if their business customs or needs are different.

On the contrary, what may not find its market in Japan, could in fact, find its audience in the global arena. Of course, together with demand, you need capital to expand your business to new markets.

But what we believe to be the most important is courage and to know how to use your resources wisely.

Ydeps does not judge you according to your domestic records, but through a global perspective: weather your ideas and ambitions can succeed internationally.

Through our extensive knowledge and leverage, together with a unique global network, our mission is to bridge you and the global market, where possibilities are abundant.

Yourbility Developers Co., Ltd Managing Director Yudai Ishii

Main Foreign Correspondence:

Taiwan / China / Australia / USA / Canada / UK / Singapore / etc.

We are always looking for and cultivating new markets. If you are planning to expand into countries not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why Choose Ydeps:

・ Experienced staff – With experience of living, studying, and working abroad as well as in Japan, we can give ideas and suggestions from a global perspective.

・ Unique network – We have a unique network spanning globally that can provide you ‘real’ information. ‘Real’ understanding of the local market and the demands and needs of the local people which you cannot simply pick-up from media such as newspapers or online.

・ Extensive meeting and discussion – Through a deep understanding of your goals, our staff can represent and/or assist your business enterprise overseas.

・ End-to-end support – Our partnership is truly fulfilled by establishing your product/service in the intended market.

We are always looking for and cultivating new markets. If you are planning to expand into countries not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Global Support:

We provide the following two global support services: consulting and intermediary.

Consulting Service:

- Collecting information

- Market research

- Strategic planning

- Company referral

- Producing reports

With our global network, Ydeps will provide valuable insight that cannot be simply understood through information on the media and provide tailored information for your needs.

*Example requests*

1. What advertising strategies works best in European and American markets?

2. I understand that Japanese food is very popular in Australia. Is there a niche market that is yet to be cultivated?

3. Are Japanese liquor popular in Taiwan apart from sake?

Product development support:

We suggest developing products with the global market in mind.

We will support companies with advanced technical capabilities to create and develop products that fulfil the needs of your intended market.

Intermediary Service:

- Business operation representative

- Sales representative

- Business collaboration intermediary

- Export / import support

- Business meeting support

- Etc.  

How the Full Support plan works:

1. Contact Us Contact us through this website or call us. We are always happy to help you.

2. Meeting Our staff will directly visit you to discuss in detail your needs, and the services we could provide.

3. Consulting/Intermediary service Based on our meeting we will provide you appropriate consulting services and/or other services including intermediary services according to your request.

4. After-Support Once you make your way through to the target market, we will provide continuous support to further establish your venture overseas.

Global Support Fees – Examples and Details:

*all fees are tax exclusive

Consulting Agreement

In order to facilitate our Global Support service, clients are to conclude a consulting agreement with Ydeps for at least 3 months.

Details on the period of the agreement, frequency of meetings etc. are to be decided upon further discussion between the client and Ydeps.

Monthly Fees

Fees are set according to the size of our clients (number of employees).

However, please do note that fees may fluctuate depending on the services provided. The final sum is to be decided upon discussion.

・One person operation  50,000 JPY

・Companies with less than 10 employees   from 100,000 JPY

・Companies with 10 to 20 employees  from 200,000 JPY

・Companies with 20 to 50 employees  from 350,00 JPY

・Companies with 50 to 100 employees  from 500,000 JPY

・Companies with over 100 employees from 750,000 JPY

Consulting Services – Fees and Details:

Please note that certain services are included as part of our Consulting Agreement, and others incur additional charges.

For more detail on each service, please refer below:

・Market research from Japan – included in the monthly fee

・Field research – Fees depend on the target market. Please contact us for more details

・Marketing strategy consulting – included in the monthly fee

・Company referral - from 10,000 JPY

・Market research – from 50,000 JPY

・Comprehensive report – from 80,000 JPY

Other Services – Fees and Details:

・Short Consulting Services

20,000 JPY/ service (FREE consulting for first time customers)

On-off meetings are charged per meeting and will not incur monthly fees. Every first time meetings are provided for FREE! We would like to listen to your needs and give you an idea of what value we can further provide.

・Product Development Support for Overseas Markets  from 200,000 JPY

*Fees depend on the nature and/or volume of the product. Please contact us for more details.